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Our Building serves three different groups: Our Pre-Kindergarten program, our preschool class, and our transitioning students. 


  • Our Pre-Kindergarten Program (The Butterfly class) is located downstairs at our school. It has a maximum student/teacher ratio of 1:10. To enroll in our Pre-Kindergarten program, we require each child to be 4 years old by September 10th in the fall for which they are enrolling. Students must attend at least three days per week the year prior to kindergarten.  

  • Our preschool program (The Caterpillar class) is located on the main floor at our school.It has a maximum student/teacher ratio of 1:8. Our two year old students remain on our main floor all day.  Students must attend at least two days per week for this class.  

  • Our transitioning students (the Cocoons) are at least three years old and have changing skills.  Their class placement is based on best fit between the two other classes.  At times, we have a class of only three year olds.  


Our environment is designed to meet the developmental needs of our students.  It is designed to help young children bridge the space between home and elementary school. Many of our students are with us all day, so the space needs to adapt for them.  


Our main floor is more home like with more neutral colors. It is filled with natural light, the coziness of home, scents of home life from the kitchen, and objects that spark imagination, creativity and a sense of wonder about God’s world.  It has a sense of whimsy and security enjoyed by the young child.  Here our younger students are nurtured by their teachers.  Cuddled and loved as well as inspired.  Play, fun, exploration, and silliness are our main jobs here.  Our space meets that need.  In the afternoon, all our students use this floor.  For our older, all day students, it helps them transition from a more stimulating setting to a more homelike setting.  


Our lower level was designed by the students.  They were supported in choosing the colors, the decorations, and the centers.  It reflects the excitement, inquisitiveness and passion of four and five year old children. This is their space and each year, they make it their own.  It is has areas with primary colors and spaces with secondary colors as chosen by the students.  It has calm spaces with natural objects and cozy spaces for down time.  It fits the changing needs of our 4 and 5 year olds during each day.  


Our Outdoor Classroom is fully fenced and secure.  It is a natural environment that meets all our students’ needs.  We can practice and assess all our preschool skills in this space during natural, imaginative play.  Teachers are encouraged to spend as much time teaching outdoors as possible. 


At The Good Shepherd Preschool, our environment remains dynamic.  We are always adding new things and changing spaces based on the current needs and interests of our children.  

Happy Children
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